Judge John Hodgman

Phil writes: My wife and I have agreed on a name for our future daughter, but we disagree on the spelling. She wants “Mira”; I want “Meera.” She prefers her spelling because she says it looks better. I prefer “Meera” as a tribute of sorts to George R.R. Martin and his character of the same name — and because the name cannot be mispronounced.

As a fan myself, I can appreciate your desire to name your daughter after Meera Reed, the trident-wielding heir to Greywater Watch. But I think there are many traumatized Bilbos who will want a word with you first. As it happens, “Meera” is actually a real Hindi name here on Earth. You can try to sell your wife on that. But we will all know what you’re really doing. This court rules: Mira, a name meaning “wonderful,” and one that has never been mispronounced.